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Swiss Soft Days

22. March 2016, 20:35

Swiss Soft Days, the Swiss meeting on Soft Matter topics, is taking place at ETH Zurich on March 30th. In addition to scientific innovations, you can also find us from Instrumat there. We show you which measurement techniques can be used for your applications. If you would like to take this opportunity to visit us, we ask you to write us a short message (christian.proff at instrumat.ch).

LM20 Microfluidizer™ High Shear Fluid Processor

4. December 2015, 11:24

Microfluidizer™ technology consistently sets industry standards for high-pressure homogenization performance. Like all of the Microfluidizer™ products, the new LM20 excels at efficiently converting high fluid pressures to intense shear forces. One-hundred percent (100%) of your materials undergo the same treatment – yielding consistently reliable results. Whether you’re working with small lab runs or full-production volumes, the Microfluidics LM20 Microfluidizer™ delivers scalable submicron size reduction/disruption and consistent product yields.

Kinexus Rheometer High Temperature Cardrige

4. December 2015, 11:15

The Kinexus rheometer couples advanced shear and vertical (axial) testing, to deliver a rotational rheometer platform with unprecedented dual-action capabilities. The new High Temperature Cardrige (HTC) covers the range from 0 to 300 deg C and meets the temperature control requirements across the majority of applications from fluids through to soft solids, such as creams, thermoset composites and polymer melts. Rapid temperature changes of up to 20ºC per minute with a resolution of better than 0.01ºC are possible. A solvent trap designed for accurate measurement of samples with volatile components and to minimize sample drying over long times.